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Sharing things that inspire us. From fashion and trends, to the changing of the seasons, to those who purchase our products. A place to share what strikes and spurs inspiration for Honey&Marrow.

Use the code - VALENTINESDAY - on our Etsy shop before February 14th and get 15% off your purchase! 

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movin to etsy!

We decided to make the switch to Etsy! and we’re celebrating by adding new pieces! Spread the word! We are so grateful for your support, it means the world to us! 

K + D 

we are so excited that the leather side of our line is in full swing! we were even commissioned to create a small bag for the holiday! take a look at our site, and let us know if you are interested in a custom wallet, case, bag, etc. thanks for all the support! 

honey and marrow

name dropping..

Things and People who are inspiring us..give them a look and check out the amazing things they are doing! And this is why we love Nashville so much! 

Stella Shops - Amazing blog based in Nash/ London, featuring the best and latest trends, fashion, and style updates. Love this blog! 

K Mez   - Already mentioned once before, but this girl is legit and is totally about to make a record, with your help! She’s so close, and thanks to Kickstarter, you can totally lend a hand to help get her record out there! 

The Co - Super friendly gentlemen who make wonderful music for your listening pleasure.

Brite Revolution - A place where you can discover amazing new music.. Love the look and feel of this magazine! 

Austin Gros - Pretty stinkin awesome dude. Photographer extraordinaire. You basically need him to shoot your wedding, or you might not stay together =) And, he has a goldendoodle named Desmond, so that earns a thousand points in our book.

Beve - Two amazing dudes who are not only passionate about making the best quality of coffee humanly possible, but educating people in the process. It’s great to be surrounded by individuals who are pushing the envelope in their line of work, super inspiring! 

Amanda Paige  - She basically kicks butt at hair + makeup, so you need her to make you look pretty. or handsome. Wedding/photoshoot/life. And she’s probably the kindest person we’ve ever met! 

friends supporting friends!

we love our friends and community. thats why we love shamelessly plugging them when they do amazing things. two things you should check out, and feel good about: 

Katherine Mez - she’s making a record and you’re going to want to be apart of it! and you can be! check out her kickstarter campaign and help her make some beautiful music!
The CO - awesome Nashville band, awesome dudes, awesome all around..be their facebook friend, follow them on twitter, go to their site…do what you need to do!
   You are welcome in advance. 
   Honey & Marrow 

Honey&Marrow has been busy creating another type of accessory using genuine leather! We are so happy to launch our new line of wallets and notebook cases. We have posted some of the first ones on our webstore, honeyandmarrow.bigcartel.com, so check it out! we would love to hear your feedback. AND here’s the best part…we are doing custom pieces..want a space committed to only business cards? only carry two cards and some cash? want a spot for a notebook and wallet essentials? give us your must-have list and let us create for you! email us - contact@honeyandmarrow.com

k + d 

check this outttt.

shamelessly plugging my friend Katherine’s new kickstarter campaign, she has been shamelessly plugging Honey&Marrow for the last few months…she is kind and has a heart of gold..sooo help a sista out! 


so excited for this to be finally happening! thanks for the help/support/encouragement/etc etc etc! 

you guys are the best! 

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